W. & W. vastgoed b.v. was established in March 1975 by two shareholders with the objective of exploiting high quality real estate. Architect Marcel Warmerdam, MSc, became a shareholder in 1991.
W. & W. vastgoed exists since March 1975.

W. & W. vastgoed b.v. in Tegelen has an industrial estate of approximately 4 ha which, through a restructuring and revitalisation programme, is fully equipped to meet the latest requirements. Good accessibility is ensured through the ideal location and the proximity to the A73 motorway. The A74 motorway will be completed within a few years. The industrial estate is easily accessible via this connection.

As a result of the rapid economic development in the region, accessible industrial land has become a scarce commodity. In addition, many businesses seeking to be housed in new property are not interested in acquiring land in order to develop their own accommodation. Many businesses adhere strictly to their core business strategy and look to the project developer when it comes to satisfying their accommodation requirements.

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